I had done a great deal of research and my husband, who works in CR, made personal inquiries about the surgery and the choice of CIMA Hospital before proposing the experience to my daughter.The surgery would be a healthy choice, and CIMA, the only hospital to consider. When speaking via telephone conference to Dr. Ariel Riviera, her designated surgeon, we were certain he was the right choice. Dr. Rivera answered questions for over an hour in a clear and a professional manner. He provides medical reasons after reviewing her history why certain medical options we had not considered would be of optimum success. After our phone conversation, we knew Dr Rivera had to be the surgeon for her procedure.

I recommend the Hospital at Escazu because it is modern, clean, and technologically efficient. My impressions are not only those of a family member accompanying a patient but of a person who has spent a fair amount of time in US Hospitals, and whose son is an IS anesthesiologist. The medical staff is well advanced and everyone seems able to answer technical questions quickly and easily. The atmosphere is genuinely caring. The staff responds quickly. 

Other than Dr. Rivera, the individual who has been most responsible for making surgery a “pleasant” experience is Angela Lara, proficient at understanding and using the English language. Angela is quick to respond with a complex technical explanation, a call to expedite an appointment or a heart felt concern. Angela personifies intelligence and empathy; she is as ready to call to action the medical staff as she is to help clean a patient in an embarrassing medical accident.


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